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Horseback Africa



Horseback Africa is situated on a private Game Park. On safari you will experience vast open spaces and pure unspoiled nature. Horseback Africa only take small groups on Safari, which ensures that all their guests get an exclusive experience. On horseback one can come unbelievably close to wild animals.

They provide comfortable lightweight helmets and half-leg chaps. Comfortable and well-fitting safety equipment is a must for an enjoyable ride.

Every rider is personally introduced to their horse. This is especially helpful for beginners. They specialize in teaching people how to ride as this adds so much to the whole experience.

They provide many opportunities for the more experienced riders to have good fun. Their horses are extraordinarily well trained.

They do a lot of teaching on the safaris and also have many guides on one safari, so that the needs of both the experienced riders and the novice riders are met.


Horseback Africa also offers a Lion tour:

The Lion Tour is an interactive and educational tour. By teaching people about lions and their natural behaviour we are able to create a greater awareness of the importance of their conservation.

They take small groups of people so you can interact with the animals. The tour is really laid back. The guests spend time in the garden feeding the baby lions and any other rehab animals we might have at the time. Thereafter you head out on a lion walk. The lions don't walk energetically as they are lazy cats. They love to stop for a cuddle or to splash in the water.

The tour also includes any rehab animals we may have at the time, e.g. snakes, baboons, giraffe, ect.


Horseback Standard Safari Includes:

  • Horseback riding fees. 
  • Half day safari horse ride experience (Only in the morning).
  • Lunch.
  • Transport to and from destination.
  • Bottled water.
  • Game viewing.
  • Amazing experience.
  • Refreshements. 


Tour information:

  • We have to be at Horseback Africa at 8H30am
  • Minimum 2 people
  • Add the lion walk experience as an optional extra. 

For more information or bookings please contact us















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